Hi Everyone,
We finished up our last standardized test!  Yay!  We are now done with the MSTEP and NWEA assessments.  Students have started unit 8 in math.  This will be our last unit this year.  I still can't believe that I only have a short time with your kiddos.  I am going to miss them so much!   The next few weeks will be dedicated to wrapping up literature circles, unit 8 for math, our writing project, and health.

Farmer's Market at Burns Park
Wednesday, our food service provider, Chartwells, hosted a Farmer's Market for students!  Various local farmers were featured. Each student was given mock currency to shop with.  Students were exposed to:
Nutritious foodsNew and different types of vegetables and herbsThe concept of seasonal eatingThe value of money and how to purchase and budget The produce that your child "bought" came home with them!  I hope they enjoyed it.  Check out the Class Photos page for pictures of the market!

We have completed the sched…

24 Days Left of School! 4 more Mondays!

Hi Everyone,
We have made it through two weeks of testing!  Phew!  I am so proud of your child for persevering through so much testing.  They have one more week so please remember to check out last week's blog post for resources to best help your child during testing.  I also posted a few funny videos to encourage them for next week's MSTEP ELA assessment at the bottom of this post.  Also, I allow students to have sugar free gum or mints during testing but please ask them to keep it to themselves unless they have one for everyone to share.  Thanks!
We also went over the unit 7 test and everyone had the opportunity to retest on questions they got wrong.  Students graphed their data and put their tests in their data binders.  These will come home at the end of the year.  We are also starting our last unit in math!  Unit 8 will begin on Monday.
This week we worked in groups on proposals in Google Slides.  Students spent time organizing their thinking and starting on their …

May Day!

Hi Everyone,
What a week!  We had so many great learning opportunities and we finished two big NWEA assessments.  Students finished the week on a high note.  Your child got to visit the garden and plant some seeds this afternoon with our school buddies!  They were so AMAZING today.  Students used their math skills with rulers to work in the garden to make sure they planted seeds to ensure appropriate sowing depth and row spacing.  They used their background knowledge of perimeter and area to make sure they utilized the appropriate amount of seeds with the space given. They helped their first-grade buddies plant lettuce, scallions, transplanted garlic, radishes, spinach, chard, kale, purple and orange carrots seeds.  Students watered the seeds and are ready for them to grow.  Yay!

Donation Thank You!
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KLEENEX AND PAPER TOWEL!  This will help us to clean this room from top to bottom.  I might need to ask for "green" spray next.  We will need some for all our…

Standardized Testing Begins...

Hi Everyone,
We will start our NWEA tests next week and then on to MSTEP.  As a reminder, it is important that students eat a healthy breakfast to avoid testing fatigue.  Please have your child bring a water bottle to school to stay hydrated.  Please encourage your child to get a good night of sleep!

These tests can take a very long time so if SUGAR-FREE gum or mints help your child concentrate, I will allow them to have them.  No sugar gum or candy, please.  Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, April 30
NWEA Reading Assessment

Friday, May 3
NWEA Math Assessment

Practice, practice, practice...the more they use the practice tools the more comfortable they will feel taking the MSTEP test. 

M-STEP Sample Tests - Students will have the opportunity to practice some of the specific sample test items in school and we will go over how to use tools too.  Please have your child practice and explore the sample test items at home.  A link is provided below.  This is a great opportunity for students t…

Spring is in the Air!

Hi Everyone,
We had a 4 day week but it was packed with lots of amazing learning opportunities.  We also enjoyed a performance by Beau Monde.  The Beau Monde dance group came for an assembly. It was led by Gina Thompson (Mr. Thompson's sister) and her group of young dancers. This interpretive dance presentation was lots of fun!

Students enjoyed more lessons with Nature Boy.  This week we focused on:

Identifying environmental problems at Burns ParkWho the problems affectStakeholders Solutions to these problems These were all the student's suggestions for solutions!

Rain gardens
Green roof
Living Walls
Community Education
Permeable pavement
More trees
Renewable energy
Rain Tanks/barrels
More Recycling
Less Plastic
More Ecosystem Services
Compost Systems
More Biomimicry

We will continue lessons with the students next week to elaborate on these concepts.  Check out the class photos page for this week's photos showcasing our lessons with Nature Boy!

Grant Award!
Great news…

Spring is here to stay!

Hi Everyone,
It appears that spring is coming!  The birds are starting to chirp earlier, which means we will hopefully see some nice consistent weather soon.  Until then, please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor gear on for recess.  Thanks!

We had a great week of learning.  Students took the Unit 6 and Unit 6 Cumulative tests in Math.  Every child had the opportunity to master the tests and they can proudly say that they did very well this week.  Students also graphed their progress in their data binders.  Students took the Unit 7 Pretest.  We started lesson 7.1 today and students will turn in the 7.1 homelink on Monday.  Look on the homework calendar to see when their next assessment is.

Nature Boy (Nate Ayers from We Are the Forest) visited us and started working with our students to define vocabulary terms and provided examples for them to think about.  Nate brought samples of permeable pavement and concrete to compare and contrast impermeable and permeable surfac…

Welcome Back and Go Green!

Hi Everyone,
We had a great week.  Everyone returned from spring break ready to learn!
We are in the home stretch. I find this part of the school year flies by and I can't even believe it is April!  It has been such a great year so far. With tons of learning left, field trips to come, and end of the year activities, please make sure you read my blog posts every week for pertinent information about all other exciting learning opportunities your child will have.

Headphones NEEDED!
Students will need working headphones for the remainder of the year in my classroom.  We will need them for testing especially.  The ELA MSTEP requires students to use headphones.  Please send them in and have students keep them at school for use.  Thank you.

I'll be teaching lessons on good touch and bad touch which is part of our personal safety curriculum, and HIV/AIDS, part of our personal wellness curriculum.  Letters about these lessons are coming home this weekend.  Both of these lessons ar…

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