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Brrrr...It's getting cold in Michigan!

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday!  I hope you are braving the cold weather.  We got a little snow today and I already saw some mini snowpeople being built on our school grounds! :0) 

Please send your child with a coat, gloves/mittens, hat on those super cold days.  My policy in terms of safety is that children should wear jackets in weather below 50 degrees but if it is in the 30's or low 40's it is a must! :0)

We had a shorter week and a change in our clocks so hopefully, we are adjusted and ready for a full week of learning next week.

Report Cards
Report Cards are coming home on Tuesday, November 20.  We reuse the report card envelopes for all three report cards so PLEASE RETURN THEM.  Thanks!

Peer to Peer
Here is a little more information about what Peer Mentors will be doing in the classroom.  Below is a list of how they will be helping.  Our ASD student at Burns Park is also supported by a Teacher Assistant to help and supervise along with myself.
Sign up for a week in the school …

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